Tarpon Springs Real Estate Information

The 23,000-person city of Tarpon Springs is located in Pinellas County, Florida, and is known throughout the United States as having one of the largest concentrations of Greek-Americans in the nation. The area was first settled in 1876 as a hub for winter homes. The city’s name comes from the tarpon fish that the first settlers spotted when they arrived on the coast. Tarpon Springs has become a thriving social center for vacationers, full-time residents, and visitors alike.

Part of Tarpon Springs’ appeal is its rich heritage and history that makes it so special. Several historic attractions bring a lot of attention to the area, including Arcade Hotel, Safford House, Old Tarpon Springs City Hall, and the Tarpon Springs Historic District. There are also several boats that are moored in Tarpon Springs. While these no longer sail the seas, they are popular throwbacks to the once thriving fishing and boating industry. The Duchess, George N. Cretekos, N. K. Symi, St. Nicholas III, and St. Nicholas IV are some of the more known hulls.

Tarpon Springs High School is part of the Pinellas County Schools District and graduated its first class of seniors in 1906. As one of the most experienced campuses in the system, the high school provides local students in grades nine through twelve with memorable and enjoyable educational opportunities. Known most for its football program, music conservatory, culinary department, and small learning communities, Tarpon Springs High School has become the center of a lot of parts of local life and continues to enrich the local youth.

Tourists inundate Tarpon Springs year-round because of the warm climate, perfect weather, and gorgeous beaches and landscape. The shops along Dodecanese Avenue in the Sponge Dock District of the city is a popular destination for the Tarpon Springs Aquarium, Marina, Sponge Boats Dock, Historic Sponge Exchange, and variety of Greek cuisine restaurants. Several nearby beaches provide recreational areas for tourists and residents to swim, windsurf, picnic, boat, and participate in a number of other water sports. The sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is a sight to be seen and life on the beaches pause as the sun dives over the horizon. Sightseers on the beaches quite often catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins that play and frolic just offshore.