Belleair Real Estate Information

The Pinellas County town of Belleair and its 4,000 residents occupy just four square miles of land along the Floridian west coast with the Gulf of Mexico. The Belleair area actually is comprised of not only the Belleair community but Bellair Beach, Belleair Shore, and Belleair Bluffs, all of which are in the same general vicinity. The Clearwater Harbor is immediately off-shore of Belleair and is a beautiful, calm, and serene ocean area that is protected from the big waves and strong currents of the bluff.

Residents of Belleair’s waterfront properties have spectacular views of the crystal blue waters and can look across to the narrow strip of land that separates the harbor from the rest of the gulf. A mile or so up the coast from Belleair is Clearwater Beach Island, easily reached by car on the Memorial Causeway that crosses the Clearwater Harbor. The island is predominantly residential and includes a large marina designed to host most of the area’s boats, yachts, and watercraft. Many residents of Belleair choose to moor their ocean-faring vessels at the marina because of its safe location facing away from the ocean and the convenience of being so close by.

Midway Shopping Center and Clearwater Plaza serve as Belleair’s primary shopping and retail areas. Residents enjoy being able to run most of their daily errands locally without having to drive to a distant location or unfamiliar place. Several brand-name chains are located in the plazas alongside a few local restaurants and boutiques.

Bay Front Park is situated on the shore of Belleair and is the community’s favorite recreational area. The sandy beaches are perfect for sun tanning as well as splashing in the flat and shallow waters. On most warm weekends, the park is typically filled with beach goers, boaters, and families gathering for picnics and get togethers. Norton and Wright Parks, inclusive of Lake Belleview, are situated inland relative to the western shore.