Port Richey Real Estate Information

The quaint, 3,000-person community of Port Richey is located northwest of Tampa in Pasco County and is one of the community’s prominent waterfront communities because of its prime location on some of the coast’s calmest shores. Green Key Beach and Wilmslow Park, both located along Port Richey’s gulf coast, are some of residents’ most treasured recreational areas. In the winter months, residents can be spotted playing in the sad, jogging on piers, and admiring the oceanic waves that lap onto shore. In the much busier summer months, the beaches become crowded with ocean-goers looking to tan on the beach, frolic in the water, and participate in a variety of water activities.

Pinehill Recreation Complex and Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park are the other two major recreational areas and are located inland from the other two facilities. The recreation center’s staff organizes a number of youth sports leagues ranging from basketball and football to baseball and soccer. The diverse program encourages children of all skill levels to stay active. The Magnolia Valley Golf Club is Port Richey’s best golf course. Embassy Crossing and Gulf View Square are two of Port Richey’s largest shopping complexes and provide residents with a convenient place to run errands without leaving town.

Located just north of its newer counterpart, New Port Richey, the town of Port Richey is located at the mouth of the Pithlachascotee River that flows through the downtown area on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. The river originates at Crews Lake and is almost twenty miles in length. The flow of water goes through the Starkey Wilderness Park before passing through to Port Richey. The wilderness park forms New Port Richey’s eastern boundary and is a massive place of forestry and nature. A number of trails and pathways wind their way through the area and are perfect for the outdoorsy-type of residents who live in Port Richey.

Many of Port Richey’s youth who live in the southern part of tend attend schools in the much larger New Port Richey region. However, the Pasco County Schools system operates a number of campuses in Port Richey itself. Chasco Middle School, Chasco Elementary School, Fox Hollow Elementary School, and Gulf Highlands Elementary School are situated in the heat of Port Richey and provide excellent learning environments to stimulate the area’s students. High school students can attend one of four major high schools in the New Port Richey area.