Odessa Real Estate Information

Pasco County’s town of Odess is home for over 3,000 residents and covers just 5.6 square miles of land. Featuring a rich and diverse history, the heritage of Odessa is unlike many of its neighbors. Originally built around a local sawmill, Odessa grew in size with the expansion of the Florida railroad system and has seen its town center built, demolished, and rebuilt several times. Interestingly, none of the original homes and buildings stand today, although Odessa has once again been built into a spectacular and sustainable community.

As one of the friendliest and safest communities in the county, Odessa has quickly become one of the most trusted places to purchase real estate. While the residential neighborhoods of Odessa are quite attractive, there is also a very popular industrial park in the southern portion of the town. Removed from the residential part of Odessa, the commercial businesses that inhabit the park do not disturb the local lifestyle and can take advantage of having workers live nearby.

Located on the border with Hillsborough County, Odessa isn’t far from downtown Tampa at all. Ironically, the Tampa Bay Executive Airport is located just west of the Odessa town center. Due to its size, there are no major schools in Odessa and residents therefore must make the short commute to some of New Port Richey’s easternmost campuses. Most of these schools are located in the Seven Springs or Woodgate neighborhoods that are on the border between New Port Richey and Odessa.

Because Odessa is located just east of Trinity, many of the area’s resources are shared between the two communities. Fox Hollow Golf Club, Crescent Oaks Country Club, and Cypress Run Golf Club are all located between Trinity and Odessa and are some of the highest quality courses in the area. There are also several lakes in Odessa that are used for both practical and recreational purposes. Some of the bigger bodies of water include Lake Parker, Lake Geneva, Lake Astena, Lake Francis, Island Ford Lake, Fern Lake, Lake Elizabeth, Calm Lake, and Keystone Lake.