Lutz Real Estate Information

Home to over 17,000 residents, the town of Lutz is located due north of downtown Tampa and is just slightly removed from the I-275. The interstate is ideally located to whisk local residents into the downtown business district within just a few minutes depending on the traffic conditions. The relatively tight-knit community is able to prosper due to its suburban environment away from the hustle and bustle of Tampa.

Originally founded as a small trail depot for the Tampa Northern Railroad that carried goods and cargo between Tampa and Brooksville, the town was named after William Paul Lutz, an engineer on the railroad. It wasn’t until the construction of a United States Post Office in the area that the area was officially recognized. Today, although the railroad has since been demolished and the post office turned into an art gallery, the area has continued the Lutz legacy and sometimes even referred to by the affectionate name of “Beautiful Downtown Lutz.”

Lutz is located smack dab in the middle of several lakes, hence the name of “Land o Lakes” that refers to the larger area that Lutz is part of. Hobbs Lake, Lake Cooper, Strawberry Lake, Pearl Lake, Thomas Lake, Lake Harvey, Lake Stemper, Lake Keene, Hanna Lake, Lake Kell, Brant Lake, Lake Merrywatter, Saddleback Lake, and Lake Heather are just a few of the bodies of water that are located around Lutz. As part of the wonderful environment, a number of golf courses prosper in the area, helped in part by the abundance of water nearby to keep its fairways and greens in top shape. Heritage Harbor Golf and Country Club, Cheval Country Club, Northdale Golf and Tennis Club, and the Avila Golf and Country Club are just some of the more famous sets of links.

The Lutz Little League Park is one of the best kept recreational facilities in the region and in fact attracts several teams from surrounding areas to compete against some of Lutz’s finest teams. Throughout the season, several tournaments are held at the facility. The smaller Nye Park also sees its fair share of youth league sports and competitions. Outside of Lutz is the expansive Lake Park that includes the Northdale Soccer Club Park. Similar to the baseball park, the facility provides a wonderful place to play soccer for residents of all ages in the surrounding areas.