Land O Lakes Real Estate Information

The quickly and rapidly growing Land O Lakes community has experienced significant growth over the past ten to twenty years. As a result of this recent growth, several new neighborhoods, shopping, and schools have been developed and constructed to serve the endlessly growing community. Some of Land O Lakes most renown neighborhoods include Wilderness Lakes, Tierra de sol, Asbel Creek, DuPree Lakes, Ballantrae, Oakstead, Lake Talia, and Plantation Palms. Home to almost 21,000 people, Land O Lakes has turned into one of Pasco County’s most popular places to live.

The town is quite obviously named after the hundreds of lakes that are scattered across the inland area. Some of the biggest lakes include Crews Lake, Raft Lake, Big Fish Lake, and Pasco Lake. While the majority of the lakes are either off limits or quite difficult to reach, several of the lakes are available for recreational use. In the warm months of June, July, and August, many of these recreational lakes see use from sun up to sun down and are used for simple swimming to boating and jet skiing.

Served by several major thoroughfares, Land O Lakes is well-connected to the rest of Pasco County and Tampa Bay. The I-75 interstate, Suncoast Parkway, U.S. Route 41, and State Route 54 all pass through the Land O Lakes area. While there are many places to eat and shop in Land O Lakes itself, many residents travel south to Lutz or even more regularly north to Spring Hill to shop at big-box retailers, national-brand stores, and take care of their financial needs. Spring Hill can be reached by road via a short fifteen to twenty minute drive.

The extensive Pasco County Public Schools District provides intimate learning environments for its students. While many other similarly-sized towns might only have a single school for each grade level, Land O Lakes is served by eight campuses. The flagships are Land O Lakes High School and Sunlake High School while the other schools include Pine View Middle School, Charles S. Rusche Middle School, Lake Myrtle Elementary School, Oaksted Elementary School, Sanders Memorial Elementary School, and Pine View Elementary School.