Ybor City Real Estate Information

The historic neighborhood of Ybor City is located northeast of the core of downtown Tampa and was founded in 1880 by cigar manufacturers and thousands of immigrants from Spain, Cuba, and Italy. The industry had moved to the new area to form a company town after the Ybor Company experienced difficulties in other Floridian towns. Until the mid-1900s, Ybor City was a hub for cigar manufacturing, with Ybor City’s cigar factories rolling out millions of cigars each year. Production reached its peak in 1929 when 500 million cigars were produced. Unlike the development of most other contemporary immigrant communities in the southern United States, Ybor City was different in that its population displayed multi-ethnic and multi-racial characteristics.

With the construction of popular night clubs and other entertainment venues in the area, Ybor City has been revitalized and restored after decades of neglect. In the latter half of the twentieth century, Ybor City’s “Golden Age” led to a proud community created by the mixed complexions of Cubans, Spanish, Italians, and Jews. In about 2000, Centro Ybor was constructed as a family-oriented shopping complex and movie theater to provide a community gathering place as well as location for reasonable and convenient entertainment. Today, almost 3,000 people call Ybor City home.

Seventh Avenue, the main commercial thoroughfare for the community because of its endless stretches of storefronts, was recognized recently as one of the “Ten Great American Streets” by the American Planning Association. The TECO Line Streetcar System links Ybor City with the Channelside District and downtown Tampa using traditional rail cars that run in the middle of local streets. The streetcars are operated alongside buses as part of the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority system.

One of Hillsborough Community College’s five campuses is located in Ybor City. A number of other attractions bring in thousands of visitors each year. The Cigar Museum and Visitor Center, Ybor City Museum State Park, and TECO Line Streetcar Museum are the three top hotspots in town. A number of other annual events hosted locally bring in thousands of more people to Ybor City. The Sant’Yago Knight Parade, Guavaween, Rough Rider’s St. Patrick’s Night Parade, Tampa Cigar Heritage Festival, Feta Italiana, and Fiesta are all popular events that bring families together and welcome new people to the Ybor City community.