Ruskin Real Estate Information

Nestled along the western-facing shores of the Florida panhandle due south of downtown Tampa, Ruskin is an unincorporated community that today is home for over 8,000 people. Founded on rather interesting beginnings, Ruskin was first settled as a utopian socialist community that was focused on communal well-being and creating a flawless system of order. However, that focus was soon abandoned for the more traditional way of life that has been kept ever since. A number of historic places in Ruskin have gained recognition on the national register, including the A. P. Dickman House, Cockroach Key, and George McA. Miller House.

Little Manatee State Park is located a mile or two east of Ruskin and is a 2,433-acre facility located along the Little Manatee River. The beautiful area is popular with a number of outdoor adventure seekers who take part in kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and horseback riding, as well as camping, walking, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Ruskin is located just east of the Ruskin Inlet, located at the mouth of the Little Manatee River. Manatee Harbor and Mill Bayou are also a part of the same geographical area. The beautiful river delta is home to some of the area’s finest wildlife and is an interesting place for residents to explore. For those Ruskin residents who are less adventure-inclined, the view of the river and the delta from the town is quite spectacular as well, especially at sunset when the sun reflects off the river just perfectly.

Golf is an essential part of the Ruskin lifestyle, as evidenced by the many clubs and courses just across the I-75 from the heart of Ruskin. The Golf Club at Cypress Creek, Caloosa Golf and Country Club, North Golf Course, Caloosa Palms I, Kinds Inn Golf Course, and Riverside Golf Course are some of the main links in Ruskin. Besides golfing, residents have access to a number of other local things to do, including a drive-in theater, exclusive waterfront resort, pristine water park on Tampa Bay, and many community events such as South Hillsborough County's largest community event, the Ruskin Seafood Festival and the Tomato & Heritage Festival that makes residents reminisce of days gone by.