Riverview Real Estate Information

Sharing its name with towns in Duval County and Escambia County, Hillsborough County’s town of Riverview has a population 12,000 people and can be reached from downtown Tampa via a short drive on the I-75 South. Riverview was founded in 1856 and is situated on the southern shore of the Alafia River. Originally named Peru, the town was named after the Indian word for the straight part of the waterway. The river’s name is translated into English as “river of fire” with respect to the river bottom glowing at night due to the phosphorus that once lay on the riverbed. While the name has since changed to Riverview and the river no longer gives off an eerie glow thanks to mining several years ago, Riverview today has expanded to include portions of land on both sides of the Alafia River.

Besides the river flowing to the south of Riverview, Lake Fantasia, Starlight Lake, and Lake St. Charles are also located around Riverview. Not only are the lakes gorgeous at all times throughout the year, they also serve as recreational areas for residents, especially in the hot summer months when everyone desperately looks to escape the heat.

Riverview High School and Spoto High School are the community’s two largest public schools, operated as a part of the Hillsborough County Schools District. Both campuses are relatively new and were constructed to address the growing local population and to ease Riverview’s burden on other nearby towns. The former school opened in 1998 while the latter campus followed in 2006. Together, the two high schools provide some of the best public educations in the state.

East Bay Raceway Park is outside of Riverview but is one of the community’s largest attractions. Located near Tampa Bay on the opposite side of the interstate freeway, the raceway is a 1/3 mile clay oval that hosts a racing season that runs from February through September. Weekly races challenge drivers to compete at their very best in front of often sold-out crowds. During the week, different classes are offered on the raceway. Additionally, a variety of car shows are also hosted at the facility each year.