Gibsonton Real Estate Information

Featured in a 1995 episode of the hit show “X-Files,” Gibston’s brief foray into the world of film and television has turned out to be an anomaly and rare opportunity for the rest of the United States to catch a glimpse of typical suburban life just outside of Tampa. Although Gibsonton was once a sideshow wintering town where circus freaks would spend the off-season due to the circus-zoning laws that allowed residents to keep elephants and circus trailers on the front lawns, the area has been significantly revitalized and changed to become one of the leading bedroom communities that serves Tampa today.

Sandwiched in between the I-75 interstate to the east and the Hillsborough Bay to the west, Gibsonton is located both in a convenient and beautiful location. Residents looking to travel into downtown Tampa or other surrounding towns can either take the interstate or the shoreline-hugging Route 41. Many of Gibstonton’s most prized properties and real estate look out onto the Hillsborough Bay or the Hillsborough River that meets the bay just north of town. For those homes that are lucky enough to have such a view, residents can often stare and marvel at the sheer beauty of the crystal blue waters and strong currents that create beautiful viewpoints throughout the year.

The Hillsborough River arises in the Green Swamp in central Florida and flows fifty-four miles west to empty out in Tampa Bay. The river’s name was first recorded in 1769 on a British map and is most likely derived from the Earl of Hillsborough who was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies who led the survey of American territory. Today, the river hosts a number of different wildlife species and is a part of the Hillsborough River State Park, a 2,990-acre park that has been created to preserve some of the precious Floridian environments it contains. Besides several endangered species, the swamps and oak hammocks that have covered a large portion of the park are equally important from a preservation stand point. Together with Hillsborough Bay, the bodies of water that surround Gibstonton have been some of the major character drivers for the community as it has been developed throughout the years.