Balm Real Estate Information

The rather rural community of Balm is located about eighteen miles southeast of the center of Tampa and has been a stable neighborhood for residents who enjoy being removed from the urban life of downtown Tampa. The I-75 interstate is the main transportation artery that serves Balm and is actually oriented in the north-south direction several miles west of Balm itself. However, several roads and community thoroughfares connect residents to Balm in a relatively quick and efficient manner. While it is relatively easy to commute into Tampa proper, most local residents are involved in other nearby activities, namely involved with agriculture and marine life.

Goodson Farms is a well-known packing house and vegetable and fruit stand located at the intersection of McGrady Road and Highway 301. The locally-grown produce, while primarily sold in Balm itself, is also packaged and shipper to various locations around Tampa and even other cities and communities in Florida. The best local landmark is the Balm Post Office which has been the center of community activities for the last fifty years. While a number of a new homes have been built and large pieces of real estate have been developed, Balm has been able to uphold and maintain a very tight-knit community that has become less common in the present day.

Little Manatee State Park is located a mile or two southwest of Balm and is a 2,433-acre facility located along the Little Manatee River. The beautiful area is popular with a number of outdoor adventure seekers who take part in kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and horseback riding, as well as camping, walking, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Alafia River State Park forms Balm’s eastern border and offers similar recreational activities to Little Manatee State Park but is also a popular mountain biking area.

While removed significantly from the main drag, Balm is lucky to have a number of local recreational facilities. Balm Park is located in the heart of the tiny town center and is a nice facility that includes picnic areas, grassy fields, and small jungle gyms and playgrounds. The Summerfield Xing Golf Club, while technically not part of Balm itself, is usually frequented by Balm residents in search of a good round of golf.